Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing Segmentation and Preparation of Potential Clients

When we talk about lead scoring and lead nurturing. We are certainly not referring to two things exactly the same. But neither are they totally different. In addition, both have very important characteristics that allow them to complement each other and be part of an inbound marketing strategy for the segmentation and preparation of potential customers. One of them has the task of classifying the contacts according to their interests and the other focuses on creating campaigns to increase the interaction and relationship between the customer and the product in order to improve the purchase process. But how to use these techniques correctly? Continue reading and we will tell you.

What does it consist of?

Peter drucker what is lead scoring? It is necessary to clarify that there is a step prior to lead scoring and lead nurturing which is extremely important to be able to Kuwait Phone Number List execute both techniques. In getting the users of your blog or web page to leave their registered data. In this way, they are stored in the database to collect the buyers most interested in your services. After having this data. Lead scoring is an automation process with which we can qualify our potential customers, classify them and determine their status in the buyer’s journey or purchase cycle. The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product or service fits them like a glove and can sell itself.

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The buying cycle thanks

We recently published a post about the buyer’s journey and if you haven’t read it. You should start doing so buyer’s journey: how to create content understanding CG Leads to this technique we can observe and analyze the different user profiles within our database and, in addition, take advantage of sales opportunities even more. Why put it into practice? When a database is not organized and specified correctly, your marketing objectives will not be achieved in the desired way. In addition, if you want to spread messages with a more forceful and personalized effect, it is necessary to have an ideal strategy for customer segmentation as a starting point. In this way, you save work for the marketing and sales departments. For example, consider the idea that one of your users is attracted to one of your services. But needs a little more incentive to make the final decision.

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