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And he is the first to meet visitors, so it is simply impossible not to notice him. YouTubers take advantage of prominent headers and embed as much useful information there as possible: links to social networks; logo; channel name; other corporate identity elements, etc. The main thing is to preserve the aesthetics of the image. Channel header design Picture Specifications: Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels; File size: maximum 2 MB; Format: JPG. Brand icon design A corporate icon is a logo that has not only aesthetic, but also many practical functions. It is able to increase the recognition of the avatar and serve as a watermark for your videos. Well, if you make the icon clickable.

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As well as significantly increase traffic. Icon Picture Specifications: Resolution: 800×800 pixels; File size: max.- 1 MB; Format: JPG. Making a video preview The video preview is the background screensaver of the video, which plays a decisive role in whether the user Paraguay Mobile Number List starts watching or not. You can attract a user not only with the name of the video, but also with an interesting intro, which clearly shows what will be discussed. To do this, you can use a freeze frame, individual pictures, corporate identity elements or a bright text font. : 1280 x 720 pixels; file size: maximum 1 MB; Format: JPG. Ringostat will help increase the effectiveness of advertising – both on your that will help you evaluate the return on advertising. Analyze how campaigns are performing and redistribute the budget in favor of the most successful ones. Understanding how to optimize ads.

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Reports will show which sources, channels, campaigns and keywords are working. Audio recordings of calls will help to understand what information buyers are missing in ads. Automatic calculation of advertising payback. End-to-end analytics will show income from launched activities and calculate ROI for them. Simple and fast bid management. Analyze current rates, find out their recommended size and apply directly in Ringostat. Learn more Benefits of proper channel design The popularity of branding YouTube channels is not caused by itself. There are observations that prove a direct connection between the design and the growth of the success of a video public. Let’s see how exactly branding helps videos to increase the number of viewers.

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