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Now Facebook will start storing the information and as soon as it has enough information, you can start drawing your own conclusions. It all depends on the amount of information of your site and it can take a day or even weeks until there is enough information to analyze. The attribution tool has several layers: Definitions Performence reports instruments A quick tour of the reference tool settings Like any tool, the attribution tool also comes with automatic settings, they are also divided into several parts and they are: Diagnostics Sources of information Ad platforms referring domains.

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The diagnostics part won’t provide real information until it Uganda Phone Number List gets enough traffic and conversions. If he does receive it, it will look like this: Diagnostics The information you can receive will be data on conversions, exposures, visits, clicks and errors, as they may be. The information sources part, will show you the apps, pixels and all events that are offline – which you added earlier. In addition, you will be able to see all the recent events that occurred on your Pixel starting from the moment you added it and not before. The sources of information Considering the events that you have set to track with the pixel, you will see something like this.

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Event tracking pixel We have already talked about some of CG Leads the ad platforms before, so we won’t bore you and repeat ourselves. The referring domains section will display a list of all the domains that actually referred traffic to your website or application and it will look like this: ferring domains Dropdown menus: Conversions menu In order for you to filter the information and display what you want to see, there are drop-down menus located at the top of the screen. First, choose the type of conversions you want to focus on.

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