Your Campaign Will Change Depending on Whether You Want to Promote a Mobile, Pc, or Console Game

For Example, Most Mobile Games Are Distributed on a Free-to-play Basis. In Other Words, Users Don’t Need to Pay for Them. On the Contrary, for Pc and Console Games, the Most Common Model is Buy-to-pay. This Difference Has a Significant Impact on the Conversion Rates, Cost of Acquisition, and Other Performance Metrics. For Buy-to-pay Games, It’s Rather Difficult to Create an Effective Performance Campaign. That’s Why Pc and Console Game Developers Usually Partner With Influencers on Brand Campaigns. Depending on the Type of Your Game, You Will Also Need Different Social Media Platforms. For Example, on Youtube the Majority of Traffic is Mobile. So It’s Reasonable to Promote Mobile Games There. On the Other Hand, on Twitch, Mobile Traffic is Much Lower Which


Makes the Platform More Suitable for Long Streams

That’s Why It’s Not So Popular Among Mobile Game Philippines photo editor Developers. But This is Not Set in Stone. Every Game and Every Campaign Are Unique. There Are Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on Twitch for Mobile Games Too. For Example, Hypefactory, a Global Influencer Marketing Agency, is Using Qr-codes and Animated Widgets to Drive Traffic From Twitch to Mobile Games. So It’s Up to You How You Want to Plan Your Campaign and What Ad Formats You Want to Use. Related Content Key Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know for 2022 What is Influencer Marketing – the Ultimate Guide for 2022 13 Gaming Influencer Marketing Platforms for Gamers Brands… Step 4 Determine Your Target Audience Defining a Goal and Setting Objectives With Relevant Kpis is Only the First Step. You Also Need to Determine Your Target Audience. But Your Target Audience is Not Just People

Philippines photo editor

Who Live in a Specific Country or Fall Into a Specific Age Group

These Are People Who Have Similar Interests. And if CG Leads You Understand What Makes Your Gaming Community Tick, You’ll Be Able to Find Your Potential Players. That’s Why You Need to Dig Deeper Into Your Player Profile. For Example, You Can Schedule Interviews With Existing Users and Ask Them Pointed Questions. Once You Determine Your Target Audience, You Can Also Start Looking Into Which Social Media Platform They Use and Where They Spend Most of Their Time. In Other Words, Knowing Your Audience Will Also Help You With the Next Step—choosing the Right Influencer. Step 5 Choose Influencers Choosing an Influencer is Not Just About Creating a List of Social Media Profiles. Your Choice of Influencers Should Depend on Your Company-wide Marketing Goal and Strategy. Influencer Marketing is There to Complement Your Overall Brand Communication. It Can’t Replace or Overthrow All Other Marketing Activities.

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