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How to set up a constant automatic collection of reviews? The first thing that comes to mind is to appoint a manager who will call customers daily and ask questions about the quality of the goods and the level of service. But if there are many customers, for example, tens or even hundreds daily, such a call can take a long time. And the manager will have to postpone the main work for a long time. One Ringostat client, a large retail chain, was commit to providing the best possible customer service and focuse heavily on collecting and processing feedback on the level of service. Ringostat offere a solution – automatic calling of buyers.

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A list of numbers from which buyers call is download from CRM. Using the API , an automatic call is made to each buyer. The call is direct to the voice menu, where an audio recording is load with a proposal to evaluate the level of service. A person picking up UK Mobile Number List the phone immediately hears a recording with the question “Did you like the service?”. In response, you can rate using the phone keypad: good, satisfactory, bad. Or ask to call back later. After receiving a response, an answering machine is activate, which thanks for the feedback. Ringostat automatically transfers data to CRM via Webhook – to analyze the received feedback. Automatic collection of reviews This decision help the Ringostat client, firstly, to save managers’ working time and eliminate the “human factor”.

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For example, mistakes or inappropriate emotions when communicating with customers. Secondly, to obtain valuable material for analysis. Low scores should not only be taken into account, but also process: “raise” the buyer’s history: listen to the recordings of conversations that are also stor in CRM, if it is integrate with a virtual PBX, read the history of correspondence, find the cause of the negative; if the problem is typical and systematic, solve it. Benefits of Callback Ringostat Customize the color and position of the callback form on the site. The choice of design and the ability to change the text that is displaye in the form.

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