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It is important to let them know that the company is always on the side of customers and is ready to solve any problems. Fake negative review Sometimes users leave false reviews. The goal is provocation, attention-grabbing or a kind of humor. In such cases, it is important for brand representatives to remain calm, respond with restraint and politeness. There is no need to “catch on a lie” and confidently state that the review is fake. If you turn out to be wrong, it will cause even more anger from the user. Ask to tell in detail about what happen to say the order number, date, city, phone number of the buyer, the name of the consultant, present a receipt or a screenshot from your personal account.

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If the user does not have evidence, just say: “We searche, but did not find similar information in the database, perhaps this is a mistake?”. After a while, write a response to a bad review again. Most likely, the author will not respond. For other users, it will look as if you Canada Mobile Number List were trying to solve the problem, but the client itself stop communicating. Negative feedback from competitors, black PR Unfortunately, some companies are engage in “black PR” – they systematically leave negative, deliberately false reviews about competing companies. The goal is clear – to hit the reputation of the enemy and lure buyers. If you suspect that a negative review is left by competitors, there are simple rules. Even if you are sure that everything written is a lie, do not state this publicly.

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They will perceive your answer as unwillingness to meet the client halfway. Ask for the details, provide the evidence you need to figure out what happen. If there are obvious inconsistencies between reality and the words of the author of a negative review, point it out. Attach evidence and ask for the false review to be removed. If your arguments and evidence are weighty, contact the administration of the site where the review is poste. Evidence – screenshots of correspondence, checks, statements, even conversation records – must be attach to the appeal.

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