You Don’t Have To Keep Everything In Your Head

At first, regular posting is especially important. notes, polls, photo collections, live broadcasts, links to your blog materials. The special Facebook Post Scheduler Business Suite will help you with this . Ready posts and stories will be released exactly on schedule – on the appointed day and time. The tool has the following features: post calendar; planning the date and time of publications and stories; statistics of interaction of subscribers with content. Facebook Business Suite dedicated post scheduler Stick to the 80:20 rule . This means that 80% of your content should be useful or entertaining, and only 20% should be promotional. If every post is devoted to stories about your company and product.

A Short Motivational Text On The Slack Brand Page

It will quickly tire subscribers – like a new acquaintance who talks about bitcoins all through your birthday. Instead, aim to add value and build Kazakhstan Mobile Number List relationships with your followers. And then they will be more open to promotional content in 20% of your posts. Ringostat for marketer Prove to the management that the advertising you set up is effective — show the call tracking and end-to-end analytics reports. Learn how to make your campaigns even more effective – analyze what potential customers are asking and what to add to your ads. Control how the sales team processes the leads you bring in – listen to audio recordings of calls and see reports of missed calls.

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You Put In The Effort And It Shows

Get more value for the same budget — find out which campaigns are not working and turn them off or optimize them, and invest the freed money in the most successful activities. Animation helps draw attention to an important post on the topic of ecology. Source Animated post on the page of the jewelry and accessories store. Source Even if you publish important news or a serious article – especially in this case – supplement the post with a picture. Such publications attract 2.3 times more attention than just text. Users share visual content 40 times more often than other types of content.

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