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Every time a person signs in to the app via Facebook. The app receives an access token and gives temporary secure access to various Facebook APIs. Generate a token – a unique code for your application. Copy the received token. The generated token is a unique code for your application The last step remains. Follow the link – and paste your token in the address bar after the words ” access-token Copying the token to the address bar You will have a whole list of all sorts of hidden interests on the topic “Fitness? In the address bar, after the value, enter the topic you need, for example, “Marketing”. And get a completely different list of hidden interests.

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The final step in debugging an application For example, for the keyword “Advertising”, I found this interest: What hidden interests can be found If it suits me, I copy it. I return to the Facebook Ads account and paste it into the search bar: Selection Namibia Mobile Number List of interests in the “Detailed targeting” subsection With this tool, you can find rare and specific interests that are not in your Facebook Ads settings. And show ads as personalized as possible – to those users who are definitely interested in your topic, product or service. conclusions When running ads in Facebook Ads, you need to accurately determine the interests of the users to whom your ad will be shown.

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Otherwise, you run the risk of draining the budget by showing ads to the widest range. “Audiences” section, in the “Detailed Targeting” subsection. They are logically divided into topics and subtopics. Here you can set the exact keyword and pick up even more detailed interests. In fact, there are many more interests, some of which are not displayed in the advertising account. You can find them using a special tool – an application created on the Meta for developers platform . Hidden interests will come in handy if you have a limited budget, a complex or specific offer that may be of interest only to a narrow circle of users. Another important advantage of using hidden interests is low competition with other advertisers.

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