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It is until it is ready and then you really want Google. Navigate to reading settings in the website management system and check the box for stopping the website’s EndCos – just don’t forget to remove the check after you’ve finishe building the website! Alternatively, you can go directly to the robots file found in the root folder and add the following line. Stopping and starting the website index 40. Discussion definitions If you want the surfers to hold discussions and leave comments on the site, there are a number of settings that are important to define – which you can find in the discussion settings in the site’s management system, among others: Discussion settings Want to comment.

Time And Define How They Will Be Display

Sign up! Define that only a register user can comment on the site Spain Phone Number List Profile picture Set a descriptive profile picture that appears in the comments section of the site Monetization and blacklist One of the best “features” is the creation of a blacklist for words and content that warns against spam – use it. 41. Media settings images. We all already know that images are important on a website and especially when they are chosen correctly. It seems that images in general only add to the site in a positive way, but the less positive side of them is the weight, so it is important to properly optimize the images and reduce their weight. There are quite a few plugins that do this optimization and for free, the best known among them is Smush Image Compression and Optimization and it is consider very good. Smush Image Compression and Optimization.

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Go To General Settings And There

In addition, you can already define the images on the website in CG Leads advance using the media settings in the website management system. Choose a size that fits the site and will not affect the display of the images. 42. Logo change on the website login screen When you connect to the site management system, the WordPress logo appears. The logo can be chang using the functions.php file or using a dedicat plugin.

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