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Ringostat for marketer Learn more Promotion: life hacks Page design Change URL Never leave an “unnam” URL that is automatically generate when a new page is create. It looks like a set of characters and says nothing about the company that owns the page. Create your own address right away: short, easy to read and remember; consisting of numbers 0–9, letters a–z, and dots; unique; consonant with the brand name; familiar to your regular customers. It is good if the addresses of your pages in all social networks will match. This will not only give your company presentability. More importantly, the page will become more searchable on Facebook and search networks.

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Google will associate the page URL with the keywords on your site – this will improve the search results for a number of queries. Another advantage of the same addresses is the resolution of possible disputes relatd to domain names or confirmation of page Ivory Coast Mobile Number List rights. It’s good if the addresses of your pages in all social networks are the same Fill out the “About us” section Your visitors will want to know all the details about your business, so fill in all the information fields: a description of your business that will be displaye on the page and in the search results snippet; category: public figure, local business, brand, organization; scheule; phone number; website; location. How can I fill out the “About Us section.

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Facebook will prompt you to choose one of the templates, each of which provides ready-made settings for buttons and tabs: standard – suitable for any business; services; company – provides for the possibility of publishing vacancies and special offers; restaurants and cafes – you can place a menu with photos and descriptions of dishes; public figures; non-profit organizations; politicians; shopping – you can enable the display of products and simplify the process of online sales. examples of templates that can be used to design a Facebook page You can also describe your business yourself in up to three different narrow categories. Just enter the appropriate field of activity and Facebook will offer you more accurate descriptions. you can describe your business yourself.

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