Why is Marketing Important for Businesses?

Marketing is the translation that is given, in Spanish, to the well-known English term of Marketing. It is also known as or. Marketing itself is defined as the series of activities within a set of processes in which latent needs and desires of an audience are identified, which are determined according to factors such as age, sex, socioeconomic, and psychological environment. , among others; in order to satisfy them in a more adequate way and that benefits both the public and a company or brand. Below are some marketing concepts. Considered the father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler assures that this discipline is a social and administrative process through.

The Importance of Marketing in Business

Today in the world there is great competition between large, medium and small companies, therefore great interest has been placed on the activities they carry out to be successful in them. Due to architects email database the various changes in society, it was necessary to take measures and develop various products and services that can meet the needs of customers. Developing great sales strategies helps companies to position themselves in a very profitable place in the market, making themselves known, improving the offer, increasing sales and profits, optimizing resources and, above all, making customers loyal to the product or service.

What is Marketing Based on?

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Marketing is based on the identification of needs, to make said tracking. And obtain conclusions, requires market research. Which leads to the knowledge of the people you want to reach. What is also interesting about market research is that it sheds light. On marketing not only of the products, services or useful ideas to offer but also on. The management of prices, distribution, the CG Leads type of promotion. To be carried out, the way of carrying out the sale, after-sales. Global communication, among many other issues. This, in other terms, is known as the mix or 4ps. Once all these variables have been identified, it is time for marketing to be offered. To the public to promote the exchange of values, mostly monetary.

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