Why Include a Graphic Designer in Your Content Strategy

An image says more than a thousand words” how many times have you used that phrase? But, few of you have stopped to think about it and how it really is incorporated into the professional. Especially if you are starting your personal or business brand. Translating that project into images has its art and science. There are professionals in the area who are in charge of simplifying your life in that aspect and that is precisely what the graphic designer does. What do you prefer to do yourself? Sure you do, but if you are not an expert in the area, everything can be complicated. Even preventing your strategies from working. And if you still have doubts, don’t worry, just keep reading because at nido colectivo we have compiled many reasons why you need a graphic designer in your content strategy.

Origins of graphic design

And, for this, we will start from scratch. Thanks to the fact that we are communicative and social beings. It is difficult to establish a specific date on the origin Georgia Phone Number List of graphic design. This is because we can appreciate it in cave art. It also walks through the birth of the printing press and it is revalued in the industrial revolution. But commercially speaking. It became official at the moulin rouge in 1891. Thanks to the famous painter and poster artist in parisian nightlife: henri toulouse-lautrec , who made the first multiple reproduction advertisement for the “la goulue” poster. Why are we interested in this? Because graphic design has been present at all times and we cannot ignore it.

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Now, how does that help in marketing?

It is a way of expressing ourselves and every day it makes it easier for us to understand. Design is the silent ambassador of your brand paul brand graphic CG Leads design in marketing graphic design has very generalized functions that apply to marketing such as: interpret ideas with images it conveys emotions, feelings. Inform, educate. Now imagine all this being applied in the development of your brand in a conscious way with a professional in the area. When we develop a brand, there are many aspects to take into account: objectives, public, offer, product, which once established. Comes the moment to give it a cover.

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