Why Do I Need a Website if I Already Have a Page on Facebook?

I want to start this article with a question: If you had to choose a single tool on which to focus your digital strategy, which one would you choose? Social networks have grown exponentially in recent years, reaching the point where it has become almost essential, both on a personal and business level, to have a profile on any of the multiple networks that exist so as not to lose contact with our friends, family and clients. .Although social networks are a very powerful tool and have given us infinite possibilities, we must be careful with their use because they could be distracting us from what is really important…Today there are many businesses that have totally focused their digital strategy on a Facebook page or an Instagram profile.

Why Do I Need a Website if I Already Have a Facebook Page?

It is easy to be seduced by the almost immediate results that. Above all, Social networks offer us; however, it is also very dangerous for. Above all, These reasons: your facebook page is not yours: your page belongs. To facebook and at any moment you can wake up with. In addition, The Brazilian phone numbers surprise that your page has been deleted. No matter how much effort you’ve. In addition, Put into it or how much you’ve invested, if facebook decides. Your page should be removed, it’s going to be removed. Your fans on facebook are not yours: your fans are not yours. Either, they belong to facebook. If your competition wants to show ads to your fans. They can do it and it will only cost you a few cents. Facebook limits you.

Why Do You Need a Website for Your Digital Strategy?

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We have already seen that it is not good to depend solely on social networks, but do we really need a website? The answer is YES. Let’s see why: A website is a digital asset: Your website is completely yours and you have full control over it. Take care of your site maintain good computer security habits and work on your domain name so that it gains authority, so you will have a CG Leads valuable asset on your website that will contribute a lot to your business. Versatility: A website offers you endless possibilities. You can publish all kinds of content and develop features to provide a better experience to your customers. There is even a wide variety of content management and website builder options with which you can easily build professional sites and access plugins to add useful features and functionality, all without programming skills.

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