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Remember: by responding to the author of a negative comment, your company is responding to all current and future customers. After all, public correspondence or screenshots will be seen by everyone who monitors the situation “in real time”, as well as those who will look for feedback in a month, six months, a year. The beginning of the year is the time for strategic sessions and determining business development vectors. Some prefer to stick to the old course, while others radically change it. If you still decide to update the strategy, it is important to approach this systematically. In this article, Katerina Chigir, head of the. top agency , will tell you how to properly develop an email strategy in order to get the desired result.

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Reading time 11 minutes You can immediately jump to the desired section: What is an email marketing strategy and why is it needed? Steps to Create a Strategy Development of a trigger map Description of mass mailing formats Conclusion Katerina Chigir Dubai Phone Number List Katerina Chigir, Katerina Chigir, head of. top agency What is an email marketing strategy and why is it needed? An email marketing strategy is a plan for the development of email communications with a description of the goals and actions that help achieve them. Before reading further, define a global goal for yourself: high level of Open Rate, CTR, a large number of subscribers or profit from this channel.



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If you chose the second item, continue reading the article. After all, any action of a marketer should bring income to the company. 4 signs of a good strategy Flexible. Despite the fact that the strategy is a specific plan of action, there should be room for maneuver in it. Leave the opportunity to correct, supplement and delete blocks. Realistic. Look from the sidelines at all business processes, technology applications, your product and target audience. It is important to honestly assess the situation and determine where your advantage is and where there are gaps. Results oriented. Everything you do must have a measurable result. If the goal is not specific, then it will be difficult to achieve it. It forms part of the overall marketing strategy.

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