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Advertising budgets for Google search ads increased by about 20%. On the other hand, there was a decrease of about 15% in the advertising budgets allocated for ads on BING and YAHOO. The budget directed to Google’s mobile ads (movement of mobile devices), increased by more than 40% compared to the previous year. Cost per click (CPC) grew by 7% while the average clickthrough rate (CTR) on search ads increased by about 10%. The biggest growth is (as usual) Google Shopping. The amount of exposures has doubled compared to the previous year. Organic traffic and social networks On average 25% of all website visits come from organic traffic.

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This is a decrease of about half a percent from the previous Israel Phone Number List quarter. Over 95% of mobile searches were performed through the Google search engine. Bing generated 9 times more organic visits compared to the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo. On the other hand, if you compare only mobile traffic – Bing surpassed DDG by a rate of only 3 times. The number of visits to websites that came from Facebook increased by 6% compared to the previous year (referral traffic). Instagram, on the other hand, increased the amount of traffic it sends to websites by over 120% relative to the previous year. Pinterest is lagging behind with a growth of only 1% in the amount of surfers who came thanks to it organically to the websites. Display ads on websites and sponsored ads on social networks There was a growth of about 5% in the amount of general exposure to ads on Facebook compared to last year.

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The overall media budget spent on Facebook ads grew CG Leads by only 10% this quarter. This is a relative slowdown compared to the previous quarter. One of the most significant profit growth engines for Facebook was Instagram, which was responsible for 25% of the utilization of advertisers’ media budgets. The media budgets invested in Pinterest grew twice compared to the previous year. The amount of impressions and the cost per click also increased.

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