Whether The Ad Will Be Shown To The User

  1. Call value helps you analyze the conversions that the call brought. This indicator can be expressed in money or conditional values, for example, points.
  2. The deal cycle is the amount of time it takes for a customer to make a purchase decision.
  3. Pools are groups of replacement numbers with different purposes. There may be several. For example, for visitors from different regions or for customers who have referred from different advertising channels.
  4. Sources – a search or advertising system, a carrier of offline advertising that brings visitors to the site. This role can be played by: Google, a billboard with the address of your site.
  5.  describes in more detail where the client came from than the source. These include contextual advertising, email newsletters, etc.

The traffic channel

  1. Campaign – ads or ad groups along with keywords and bids. For example, there may be campaigns that are dedicated to New Year’s sales or discounts for residents of specific cities.
  2. Keywords and phrases help determine whether the ad is relevant to the user’s interests and . Keywords are added when setting up ads. Mexico Mobile Number List They can be: “buy a TV in Kharkov” or “inexpensive cleaning”. You also need to specify under what conditions the ad is displayed.
  3. CPC is an advertising channel in which the advertiser pays for clicks on his ad.
  4. Organic – organic search results. That is, the result of issuing a search engine in response to a user request. It does not include paid ads, which are usually displayed at the very top or bottom.
  5. Referral is the link that is displayed in the traffic sources report. For example, if a person came not from a search engine.

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But From Some Other Site

  1. Direct – direct transitions to the site, for example, when a person saves the site to bookmarks and then clicks on this link without going to search engines.
  2. Conversion is the percentage of targeted actions from users. For example, out of 100 site visitors, 30 called, that is, they completed the target action. So the conversion is 30%.
  3. Individual reports. In your Ringostat personal account, you can customize any report based on 30+ parameters. For example, you want to know how many repeat calls you have. To do this, you can create a custom report. In your Ringostat personal account, you need to go to the “Call Log” and create a new filter with the following parameters.

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