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Setting up website backups A site that has just been set up undergoes a lot of changes and every moment it changes and grows, beyond that there are crashes and there are hacks and all kinds of reasons why the site must be backed up regularly. There are quite a few plugins that allow you to perform a backup automatically and they are free including the location of the backup itself. 36. WooCommerce One of the recommended and free plugins for managing an eCommerce site is WooCommerce . WooCommerce Search for the add-on and install it, like any other add-on and immediately after that go to the add-on settings and adjust it to your requirements.

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Installing a broken links checker Consider downloading a South Korea Phone Number List plugin that checks whether you have broken links on your site, there is a free plugin calle: Broken Link Checker plugin. The reason you should consider installing such a plugin is that broken links both hurt the user experience and have a negative impact on the site’s SEO. 38. Site map For those of you who do not know the promotion tips and the way to get Google to index the site, this is exactly the most important section for you and the truth, it is very simple; All you have to do is create a sitemap and submit it in the webmaster tool. Remember the Yost plugin we talk about above.

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Well, with its help, for example, you can create the map with CG Leads unimaginable ease, and honestly, it is also best recommend to do this using Yost. In Yost’s settings you can find the sitemap button – see picture: site map Don’t forget to choose what you include in the map and what you don’t and checking the map is always a good idea before submitting. 39. Don’t want Google to index your site. What happens after installing WordPress is building the website and it is not a stage where you want Google to index your website.

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