What Will Future Searches Look Like? Google Celebrates 20 Years and Discloses the Next Updates

As Gardel’s tango says; To think that 20 years is nothing! It seems like yesterday that Google’s mission began, typical of a new era: to organize all the information in the world. We have been used to typing a word and getting a list of answers for 20 years now. The search experience has been perfected throughout this time, becoming increasingly efficient in the art of resolving a question. But having a birthday is something different and, how could it be otherwise, many updates were released. And we will not wait 20 years and we will tell you, first-hand, all the news.

The Future Fits in Our Pocket

The first observation of this new stage is that the trend that does. Not stop growing is mobile devices. It’s a matter of time for most. People to finish merging between pc and mobile, so updates are mobile only. Another issue is the synchronization of your virtual identity, by accessing. All your Dubai phone number accounts from a single device, a large investment was made. In artificial intelligence to personalize in detail the individual experience. Of each navigator. Let’s see the updates then. Activity log. The log is a notebook in which information such as course, speed. Maneuvers and other navigation details are reported. In the case of this update. When you perform a search, a window with options based specifically. On your browsing data will appear before the serp.

Dynamic Organization of Results

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Google, taking advantage of knowing you, will group its results into categories and offer you several tabs with various information on the subject consulted. Google DiscoveryThis modality is for those who are not only interactive but also friends of artificial intelligence, it suggests content according to your particular tastes. Video review another great facility, it will no CG Leads longer be necessary to enter the video to see it. We must remember that Google’s goal is for you to stay as long as possible in its domain, therefore, this resource is ideal for that.StoriesUnderstanding the weight of the ephemeral is essential in this universe, our attention passes from one issue to another at the speed of light.

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