What To Do When Choosing A Business Name

All mentions are distributed by tone, topics, trends. YouScan provides a free trial for 14 days. IQBuzz is a service for monitoring reviews in social networks and the media. The tone of reviews is determined automatically – according to personal settings. This will help you quickly track and process the negative. The tool can also determine the gender, age, and location of the reviewer for analysis. You can use the service for free for a week, and then choose one of the tariffs. Brand Analytics is a tool for monitoring social media and media mentions. The service determines the tone of statements, distributes them by topic, detects trends and “hot discussions”. All data is provided in the form of graphs and reports. Notifications about new important mentions come to the mobile app, email or Telegram.

The Different Stages

A two-week trial version of the product is available. How to deal with negativity: tips The study showed that 53% of users who left negative comments expected to receive a response from the company. Of these, 63% did not even receive Austria Phone Numbers List a formal “reply”. The way a company handles negativity can tell a lot more about it than the stories of dissatisfied customers. It is good if the brand is serious and attentive to every situation. Then all other users who read the public correspondence between the buyer and the brand representative will be sure that if even a minor problem arises.

Austria Phone Numbers List

Your Product’s Development

And vice versa: if a business is silent, rude, shifts responsibility in response to complaints, this will become a warning sign for a potential buyer. How to respond to negative reviews? It all depends on the tone and nature of the review. Constructive criticism Such reviews honestly and directly indicate the shortcomings of the product, service, processes, actions of individual employees. You need to answer “in tone” – constructively and directly. Greetings, thank you for your message. Ask the client to elaborate on what happened. Offer solutions to the problem: compensation, return, exchange, discount on the next purchase, free repair.

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