What is Web Usability? Learn About This Concept and Why It is Important for the Digital Strategy of Companies

Web usability is the set of attributes and factors that help measure how pleasant and easy the user’s browsing experience is on websites. Web usability is becoming one of the most important factors to achieve better SEO positioning. And, in addition, achieve a considerable increase in sales through the website! Taking web usability into account when designing, developing and optimizing a page not only increases the success of the Internet strategy but also provides a long list of benefits. Do you want to know what it is, why it is important to implement it on a website, how to improve it, what a usability test means and more? If so, keep reading!

What is web usability?

Web usability refers to the ease of use of a web page or application. In this way, Internet users interact with the site and achieve their goals in a simple, intuitive, pleasant and safe way.It is one of the fundamental characteristics for users to placidly visit a website and return to whatsapp number list it again, thus improving the company’s digital marketing strategy.Web usability measures three main factors: efficiency: the user satisfies the need of his search; efficiency: the user quickly manages to achieve his goal; satisfaction: the user felt pleasant while browsing the website.

Why is Usability Important in a Web Page?

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The lack of web usability on a page is the biggest cause of abandonment of these. That is, if the information on your website is difficult to find, if it is not easy to achieve the objectives, if there is no scannability, if it is very slow, etc., Internet users will probably close the tab before reading the CG Leads entire first paragraph. And remember that if you lose a user, you will probably lose a potential customer. However, web usability provides many benefits to both users and site owners. Among the highlights are: manage to get more traffic; increasing the duration of visits to the page; reduces time and costs for the user and the company that owns the website;transparent, streamlined.

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