What is the Supply Chain and What is Its Importance in Marketing?

The supply chain is the set of processes involved in the commercialization of a product, from production to consumption. For the correct application of marketing techniques and to generate the greatest flow of sales possible, we must understand and study the entire process of product formation, from obtaining the raw material, until it reaches the hands of the client, that is, as it is necessary to study the supply chain.In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the supply chain, its phases, importance and how you can implement it in your marketing and Digital Marketing strategy. What are you waiting for, read on!

What is the Supply Chain?

A supply chain is a set of elements, activities, and/or facilities. Which allow companies to have an ideal organization for the development. Of a product or service and distribute it in such a way that it arrives and satisfies. The needs of the end consumer. There may be different actors, such as: raw material producers; production. Transport and logistics; warehouses; sellers (retailers or wholesalers). Therefore, the phone number in korean supply chain is the planning, organization and control of. The activities inherent to the production of the final product. From the beginning of the chain, the entire process of product. Development must be planned and managed correctly, in order to generate. The best positioning of the product in the market.

What is the Difference Between Supply Chain and Logistics?

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Before being able to differentiate both concepts, we must first know, what is logistics. Logistics is responsible for planning, developing and controlling the flow of products at all times and supervising their delivery in a given place and time. Now, know the differences! They have different services. Logistics tries to offer better services with a cost scheme as low as possible. The CG Leads supply chain starts from the beginning of the process (obtaining raw material) that everything is of good quality and at low cost, so that all subsequent prices are as cheap as possible, such as the price of logistics. Regarding the organization, logistics ensures that products are distributed in the shortest possible time.

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