What is the History of Marketing in Mexico?

For the proper use of marketing, not only must its concept and functions be known, it is also necessary to understand its principles, history and transformation over the years. In this article, we present the background of marketing in Mexico and how it has evolved over time. history of marketing in mexico. If we investigate in its beginnings we will find that the antecedents of marketing are the markets. Yes, as you read. With the markets – as is still done – the action of buying and selling was carried out to solve a need. Marketing is not a current process because it was merely given a deeper term and other factors were included to complement its definition..The history of marketing in Mexico has a lot to tell us. 

Background of Marketing in Mexico

Before the Spanish Conquestpreceding the Conquest, in the Mayan. Above all, Aztec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Zapotec, Etc. Civilizations. There Were Places Where Basic Consumer Products Were Sold, Bought. Above all, And Exchanged, and Even Slaves Were Sold. In the Pre-columbian Period. Vendors and Customers Made Their Exchanges in Tiantiztli, (Flea Markets). In addition, And What Fray Toribio De Benavente Called Markets. Colonial Stage This Stage Brought With It the Mercantile Evolution and. Divided It Into Three Fundamental Phases: From the Year 1521 to 1810. It Was Defined by the Exploitation of Metals. In addition, Mainly Silver, Which Brought Important Benefits to Mexico From Europe.

First Marketing Strategies in Mexico

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In Mexico, as in the whole world, marketing has evolved throughout history. And while the concept was polished in the world, in Mexico the first marketing strategies were appearing. Mass MarketingThis was the mobile phone number list first type of marketing that appeared in Mexico and it was with the help of the media, between the forties and fifties of the twentieth century. It is CG Leads known as “Mass Marketing” because it was aimed at the entire population without any distinction between consumers. Segment MarketingSeveral successes happened in the sixties in the country and in the world. The hippie movement, the 1968 Olympics, and women’s liberation were instrumental in turning organizational marketing toward practices designed for specific market segments.

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