What Is The Budget For Online Promotion

If necessary, you can see attendance for different periods: day, week, month or any other period of time.

If you see that there are a lot of visitors, but there are almost no orders, you need to figure out what the problem is. Including with the help of call tracking.

If you are doing advertising on your own, you know how much you spend on advertising per day or month. And if someone else is responsible for this, specify how much money is spent on online promotion per month. Without this data, it will not be possible to calculate the profitability of using call tracking in your business.

This issue can also be sorted out using Google Analytics reports. To do this, go to the “Campaigns” tab, and then select the “Expense Analysis” item.

What percentage of calls are phone calls

You can also view cost data for a certain period in the Google Ads advertising account. This report looks like this:

There are similar reports in other promotion Romania Mobile Number List channels. For example, on Facebook, you can look at the following report for a promoted page:

To see it, you need to go to the page management menu and click on the page for which you want to view the costs. And then select “Advertising Center” in the left menu.

As practice shows, it is definitely worth connecting call tracking to companies that have at least 30% of requests are calls. Even if there are only three of them per day, but this makes up 90% of all requests, call tracking is worth connecting.

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How the answers to these questions will help you know

It happens that there are much more or much fewer calls, and at the same time there are both offline and online advertising. In this case, Ringostat managers will help you understand whether you need call tracking and whether it is static or dynamic.

Sometimes a business owner can’t tell exactly how often customers call. You can at least roughly estimate: there are more than half of the number of all calls or less.

When you have answered the above questions, we advise you to contact our sales department. Our clients are companies from 70+ niches. Chances are we have experience with a business similar to yours. It is likely that some details will be revealed in the conversation that may affect the decision to connect call tracking.

Important! We never advise Ringostat products to those for whom they will be unprofitable. Just to calculate the profitability of implementation, we need the data we wrote about.

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