What is the Ansoff Matrix and How to Use It to Plan Corporate Strategies?

The Ansoff matrix is ​​an analysis tool used to identify how products fit into markets. Strategic planning has a number of tools that make it easy to set goals and make plans. The Ansoff matrix is ​​one of them, use this model together with other analyzes and understand the growth potential of your company. This methodology is a great support for all administrators who want to optimize the use of time and resources and guarantee a safer path for their company. The Ansoff matrix is ​​one of the several tools that this process has, which will help you organize the objectives and better visualize the planning. If on the one hand the SWOT and PEST analyzes provide relevant data for the organization’s performance, the Ansoff matrix points out the possible paths that can be followed for the development of the company.

What is the Ansoff Matrix?

Of russian origin, igor ansoff was a professor of engineering and mathematics. Who lived from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century. He is known as the father of strategic management and also of. The matrix that bears his name. While management pioneers like taylor, fayol, and mayo. Had the view that a company should find solutions to France Phone Number its growth problems from. Within, ansoff had a different view: he believed that organizations should look at their context. To improve their practices and grow. In this way, the professor developed a matrix. Capable of designing paths for the development of the company. Taking into account, at the same time, its macro reality. The ansoff matrix has a very simple design and. Basically consists of two axes: markets and products.

1. Market Penetration It is the

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Combination of an existing market with an existing product. In this case, the main objective of the company is to conquer a greater market share, capture the clients of the competitors and retain its own consumers. To give you an everyday example, this is what happens when a marketing agency meets with companies that already contract the service of another agency in an attempt to CG Leads convince them that their service is better and more advantageous.2. Market developmentHere we have the combination of a new market with existing products. The idea of this strategy is to take the products that the company already offers to other markets. Opening a new store in a different city is a good example of market development.

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