What is Taringa? Meet the Argentine Social Network That is a Fever in Latin America!

Taringa! is a social network created in Argentina in 2004 and that has great recognition among the Hispanic community scattered around the world. According to an investigation by the ComScore site, it is the second most accessed platform in Argentina and the third in Latin America, with more than 40 million registered users. It is still difficult to understand how the world has changed so fast, how information flies and communication becomes so much easier! One of the main technological advances of the century was the creation of social networks , of that we have no doubt, right? But, in the middle of this mix of options, there is one that arouses special interest in Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

What is It and How Did Taringa Come About?

Before the boiling of social networks worldwide, a small notable appeared. In latin america. Yes, we are talking about our esteemed taringa! The social network charmed many people as it became known. The USA business email list year was 2004, a time when the forums were working at full steam. Precisely at that moment taringa! Was born. At the beginning, it brilliantly maintained its forum aspect, which was. Used by people located in different locations with the desire. To exchange information and, more than anything, to escape a bit from reality. One of the main difficulties at the time was limited access to. The internet since broadband in homes was not yet common and. A good income was needed to have it at home.

Promise of Success and a Few Dollars

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Since the beginning of its history on the web, Taringa! promised to be a great phenomenon, but its creator was still unclear on this issue. But who was the brilliant mind that idealized the platform? Fernando Sanz, better known as Cypher, was the creator of this incredible social network. This universe of possibilities was designed by a boy who was still in school and had no intention of making money with his fantastic idea. According to Cypher’s CG Leads stories for the Argentine newspaper La Nación, during Holy Week 2004 he improved Taringa’s functionality, enabling the registration of new users, who initially were his closest friends. With time and use, it became a true social network. Shortly after optimizing the performance of the page, Cypher sold Taringa.

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