What is Referral: the Metric That Tells Us One of the Origins of Our Traffic

Closely monitoring the performance of the website is very important for any digital marketing strategy. After all, the website is the virtual presence of your company and it needs to be always available, as if it were a physical branch, as well as appearing in the first places in search engines and offering an excellent user experience. In this post I am going to talk about one of the metrics that measure the performance of your website. It is about what referral is in terms of marketing metrics, its importance, how it is measured and how to improve the rates in this metric. Join me for the next few minutes to learn in detail everything related to this important metric.

What is Referral?

By its meaning in the English language, Referral means reference or referral, which is ultimately what a link does when taking a person from one website to another. It is an important Digital Marketing metric. Tools like Google Analytics, interpret it as the origin of the people or traffic that comes to Florida real estate agent email list your website by means other than search engines, or paid media campaigns. In other words, it is about those visitors who come to your website from other pages or links, and not precisely from a Google search for a keyword found on your site. a-kit-dominates-google

Why is Referral Important?

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This metric will help you measure how little or how highly positioned. The content you have within your website is so that other. People or companies take it as a reference because nobody wants to. Have links on their website that do not add value to the website. Visitor or optimal user experience. By measuring it, you will be able to identify how much impact. Those CG Leads websites are having on the origin of traffic. To your website since this is also measured by organic search or paid media campaigns. So, this metric is used to see if the content you have. Within your website. Is interesting and valuable, not only for those who refer you.

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