What is Quora and What is This Social Network for?

The world of social networks is much broader than many think. There are those famous networks that everyone knows and there are others that can also help us achieve results. One of them is Quora, the social network for questions and answers.  New social networks arise and disappear and many times we are not even aware that they once existed. However, knowing some of the not-so-famous social networks can help us capture a more specific audience that is often difficult to reach in the midst of so many people on the most used social networks. One of them is Quora, a social network that has existed since 2010 with its English version and since October 2016 with its Spanish version.

What is Quora?

Quora is a social network of questions and answers that in a first contact reminds you of Yahoo! Answers, but it’s actually quite different (I’ll tell you about some of those differences later). The objective of this social network is to share knowledge, any of its members can ask a question and any other can answer it. When you register on the network you choose your topics of interest, therefore, the questions that appear on your wall are those that are related to the example of telephone number in philippines topics of interest that you chose, assuming that they are the topics you know the most about. When responding on Quora you can, in addition to using words, use images or videos and also place a link complementing your answer.

How to Become Part of Quora?

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Initially, you could only be part of Quora if you received an invitation from a member. Today it is no longer like that, you just enter Quora and register with Google, Facebook or with your email address. It is mandatory to register with your real and full name. Once you are registered, you are already part of the platform and you can ask and answer questions. What are the CG Leads differences between Quora and Yahoo! Answers? There are some important differences between the two platforms, here I mention some of them: Quora requires you to register with your real name, for this reason, users think twice when asking or answering a question, so the quality of the content is usually better. When responding there is the option to do it anonymously, but this option is hardly used.

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