What is E-business?

Currently, there is a revolution in business terms that is making the difference between companies that adapt to change, obtaining benefits from it, and those that do not. This difference has a name and is called E-business. what is core business. The E-business changed the perspective and direction of the negotiations and transactions that had been running in recent decades. Creating a new model capable of adapting to the constant changes in the needs of customers and/or companies. Being then, the model to be followed by small, medium and large companies, to achieve the maximization of benefits for themselves, through the transformation and use of digital tools. If you are interested in knowing more about E-business, you should not stop reading this article!

What is E-business About?

E-business ( electronic business ) is a new way of dealing with. The complete transformation of business relationship. In an efficient, fast, innovative and value-creating way. Its main objective is to. Increase consumption and business opportunities between companies. And individuals. Inclusive, the business capacity between only individuals or Ecuadorian phone numbers only between companies. This excellent business technique is based on the application of information technologies. To facilitate the buying and selling of products, acquisition of goods. Or services or obtaining information of interest, using the internet as a means. Of executing transactions. To further understand e-business. We must be clear about what digital transformation is. Digital transformation.

The Digital Transformation

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Is nothing more than the resounding change that the business economy has had in recent decades due to the incorporation of the Internet as a business technological innovation. This new concept comes to change all relationships far beyond the simple fact of including technology as a business model: Change the way people work. Business models change. Relationships with customers, suppliers and the company’s team change. Therefore, this leads to CG Leads a necessary digitalization of a business process that already exists, is obsolete and is not adapted to the needs of the company’s customers or employees. We must be careful when we talk about the term e-business, since they usually put its concept as a synonym for e-commerce, but it is not like that!

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