What is Cost Per Lead (Cpl) and How to Calculate It?

When it comes to Inbound Marketing, the Cost per Lead (CPL) is one of the metrics that must be taken into account to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies. In this article you will learn about its importance, how to calculate it, how to measure it once the marketing plan is underway, and also how to minimize the cost of generating a lead. But what is this indicator about? To understand it, you first have to know what a lead is , a common term in the world of marketing. This concept refers to those users who contact your company to access more information about the products or services they offer. So, this means that the CPL, also known as PPL (the acronym in English for Pay per Lead) reflects how much money a brand has invested to attract a potential customer.

Why is It Important to Calculate the Cpl?

You already know that the cost per lead allows you to measure. The profitability of inbound marketing strategies and, in general. Of digital marketing. But specifically, how does monitoring this metric help? We’ll tell you right away! 1. Identification of the origin of the lead. Within a strategy there are different channels, means and. Methods to generate leads, but it is common for some to be. More effective than others. Precisely, by evaluating the cpl you will have the possibility. Of detecting which is your main source of sales opportunity and, consequently. You will be able to allocate a greater part of the singapore phone numbers budget and efforts towards it. Leads typically originate through search engine optimization (seo). Social media, and email marketing, among other factors.

2. Evaluation of the Profitability of the Business Itself

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In addition to measuring the profitability of marketing strategies. Cost per lead will help you determine whether your business is financially. Viable overall. For example, comparing the cpl with the prices of your products. Or services will allow you to identify if the amounts or rates. Of these are appropriate. In fact, it is highly recommended. That you take this indicator into account to define a consistent and. Lasting pricing policy. 3. Conversion rate measurement logically. One of the variables you need to know to measure the cpl is the total number. Of leads generated in a given period of time. That CG Leads is why its calculation will also help you measure the conversion rate. An indicator that you should always take into account.

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