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How to upload your own report If you are a confident user of Google Data Studio and already create and use your own reports, there is another option available to you. So you don’t have to switch between different services to analyze different indicators: calls, online conversions, sales. All statistics will be at your fingertips. First, check the access settings in Google Data Studio so that your report is pulled up and displayed correctly in your Ringostat personal account. In the “Access” menu, on the “Access Control” tab, select the “Anyone with the link can view” option. Save. Access settings Go to the File menu and click Embed Report. In the window that opens, activate the checkbox “Enable embedding”. Click Done. the ability to embed a report.

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Download report In your Ringostat account, go to the Analytics section – Google Data Studio Reports . In the upper right corner of the page, click “+Create Report. A download window will open in front of you. In the empty lines enter: title of the report; a link to your report in Google Data Studio . Link to report And click the “Save” button. Your reports will be built Venezuela Mobile Number List into the Ringostat personal account interface. conclusions Google Data Studio is a service with which you can visualize any analytical data. Graphs and charts in the report will change in real time – depending on the changes that occur in the original data source. Ringostat customers can request a Google Data Studio report for free.

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Four standard reports are available: on the work of employees, incoming, outgoing and missed calls. You can also order a customized report – with the data you need for your business. Another option is to upload your own reports to your Ringostat personal account. And analyze all important indicators in one interface, without switching between programs and services. Ringostat blog: articles about marketing and analytics Categories Features of Ringostat Cases Authors Kazakhstan | EN Ringostat blog: articles about marketing and analytics Categories Features of Ringostat Cases Authors Kazakhstan | EN ABOUT DIGITAL Dictionary: 150+ internet marketing, web analytics and contextual advertising terms Olga Feoktistova November 14, 2021 Do you constantly come across terms like ROI, CTR, CAC, but don’t know what they mean.

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