What Does Marketing Do? Basic Guide to Understand Its Functions and Objectives

Oh Marketing! Difficult to know what would be of the companies if they were not the marketing tools. Talking about marketing is essential for organizations to better understand what this business area is about. Through marketing resources, it is possible to bring brands and customers closer. Thus, it is essential to know and be comfortable with the functions of marketing. Before entering a field as large as marketing functions, it is good to be clear about the main objectives of marketing. In this way, we can say that marketing seeks to satisfy the needs of consumers through a group of activities coordinated with organizational goals and investigating what are the demands of consumers. Apart from these two objectives, marketing seeks to regulate the demand for products so that a company can obtain good returns.

Market Research This Function

refers to the need to know who the consumers or potential customers are, identify their characteristics, as well as understand what they do, where they buy the products, and where they are located. That is, doing market research includes getting to know the public better so that the brand can offer the product or service that it values. Promotion The find ceo email function of promoting tries to make the service or product known to consumers. It is important to persuade the audience, but for it to be more effective, gaining trust is essential. Products must be offered that meet customer demands. Attention! There is no use offering a football if customers want a volleyball! That is, this function is directly related to market research.

Product and Price

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It is important to consider that another function of marketing refers to the design of the product , such as its name, packaging and other aspects related to the visual part. On this, it is essential to think that the first sense stimulated by the brand is sight, that is, it is important to generate CG Leads a positive impact on the client. Another aspect related to this function is deciding the price charged. Since it is also related to market research. The idea is for the brand to practice prices appropriate to the place where it operates, therefore, it must assume a fair price.

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