We have also taken a lot of freedom in terms of colors and textures

We have also taken a lot of freedom in terms of colors and textures, to go beyond realism. Click on the image to see the tutorial video of a gradient coloring. BONUS: TOP 10 of the best free coloring sites for children and adults There is no shortage of printable coloring sites. Some are free and easy to download. Find images classified by domain or theme. The coloring is not lacking! It’s up to you to search to find the coloring pages that meet your needs. 1. Modeling head, coloring pictures and DIY The Modeling Head site is a goldmine for creative parents and children. Organized by sections, it offers a range of creative possibilities around coloring and other entertainment. A didactic and educational tool adored by young parents. The Coloritou platform makes it easier for young children to learn language and shapes.

The Modeling Head site offers a variety

Image-presentation-coloriage-canva The Modeling Head site offers a variety of children’s coloring and other creative activities. 2. Coloring. gulli, coloring TV characters Coloriage.gulli.fr gives pride of place to cartoon characters and universes Photo Retouching whose best spectators, as we know, are children. Enough to send them on a small cloud! canva_coloriage_gulli the coloring proposals from the colouring. gulli site, strongly inspired by characters from children’s favorite cartoons. 3. Disney coloring pages You can find on Coloriage. disney coloring pages illustrating characters from famous cartoons and comics. Young and old alike will surely find their happiness there! canva coloriage disney The home page, organized into sections and universes, facilitates research. Online Coloring The online coloring site is dedicated to 3 age sections . It has the advantage of being both simple and varied.

All about colorful creation for children Coloring from

Coloring, all about colorful creation for children Coloring from A to Z, it’s on AZ coloring that it happens! Here, you can find a slew of CG Leads universes and inspirations like the coloring page of the Tfou channel. Canva , azcoloriage tfou Example of a section that can be found on the AZ coloring website 5. Scrap Coloring, creative coloring Grids, geometry and color zones are at the party on this classic but terribly addictive site! Fresh and kitsch home page for the Scrap Coloring website! 6. the news directory Navigating the site is child’s play! Divided into sections Christmas, Halloween, cartoons, etc. Suitable for tablets and phones, it allows you to color online, without printing and an abundance of paper, for infinite and intuitive creation.

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