Walmart and the Purchase of the E-commerce of 16 Billion Dollars

India is the second most populous and connected country in the world. It only loses to China. However, its technology is growing rapidly, being one of the countries with the most startups and innovations. In this context, there is an important look from companies for what this country has to offer. Amazon is expanding and every day we see news about its investments in new markets and technologies. Therefore, this company becomes a great threat to giants like Walmart. Seeing a buying opportunity from the Indian e-commerce Flipkart, there was competition between Amazon and Walmart. However, Walmart has overtaken Amazon and made the acquisition for US$16 billion, thereby occupying the Indian digital shopping market. Now the company’s gaze turns to Brazil and points to investment in marketplaces.

The Number of Digital Consumers is Growing

According to eMarketer, the number of digital consumers is 220 million in 2018 and is forecast to increase to 330 million in 2020 and 400 million in 2022. With that, many companies are racing against time to achieve a place of distinction in a new digital perspective. What are personas, their difference from the target audience and what you need to create one.” button=”Get the free PDF!” ]The e-commerce market is living proof of this. And do cpa mailing list not think that to create a marketplace you must stop having physical stores, both are channels that work with omnichannel concepts. For the consumer, there is no difference between online and offline. According to Think With Google, 96% of customers search online before deciding which physical store to buy from. In addition, 72% have bought online from a store that they have never been to in person.

The Indian Market Opens Its Doors

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According to eMarketer, the total revenue of the e-commerce market in the world in 2018 is 32 billion dollars, with an increased forecast to 50 billion in 2020 and 70 billion dollars in 2022. With that, Walmart’s investment in the purchase of 77% of Flipkart is very significant — the rest is still divided between Tencent, Tiger Global, and Microsoft. Being that, formerly, this part acquired by Walmart was from SoftBank. The CG Leads objective in this acquisition is to invest in the digital path of India, so that the e-commerce market grows at a rate four times faster than the retail industry and Walmart becomes the partner of one of the large Indian companies that lead the retail digital transformation in addition, the hypermarket can integrate more of the Indian know-how and technologies that stand out when talking about innovation.

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