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However, there are differences between augmente reality and virtual interaction solutions. The former is directly linke to projections of items in the real environment, while the latter relies on certain equipment to visit the virtual world. Do you want to learn more about the realities and the benefits they can bring to your products? Stay with us and find out more about technologies. Augmente reality is present in games and applications What is augmente reality in practice? Augmented reality is already part of the routine of users around the world.

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Become a global trend for bringing Kuwait Number Data familiar characters from the game world into the real environment where the player executes commands. In this type of reality, the user needs the camera of the cell phone or tablet to enjoy the augmente reality experience. In addition, technology depends on three other factors: A real object or field, where the virtual element will interact; An application that will read the capture image; The device itself, which will return the signal and create the interaction. Augmented reality is more present than ever in the user’s life.

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The photo effects of social networks like Instagram and Snapchat? They are also part of augmente reality and the routine of those who use the applications . Another augmented reality technology that is present in everyday life are CG Leads QR codes. In some places, such as tourist places, visitors can scan the available code and discover complete information about a particular place or art pieces. Virtual reality, in turn, depends on the VR glasses or other technologies that are used How does virtual reality work? Virtual reality is made up of a computer generate simulate environment. In this case, the real world that we observe is replacd by a complete virtual environment.

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