User Generated Content How to Take Advantage of It in Your Marketing Strategy

Within your content strategy you cannot miss the consideration of User Generated Content (CGU). This 2020, the CGU is a leading player. We had already mentioned it in our article 9 TRENDS in CONTENT MARKETING for 2020 But now I invite you to review the latest recommendations that experts make in this regard. But first, let’s start by reviewing a bit. What is User Generated Content Under this term, all content created and publish by users on digital platforms, aimed at a specific brand. made voluntarily and generally without payment, is known. The person who generates such content is a user who can be a client of the brand. a follower or simply a visitor to your web space.

The importance of the content created

This content can be presented in various formats: comments, posts , testimonials, videos, podcasts , infographics, etc. The next wave of the Web will be User 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers Generate Content JOHN DOER What is by the client. We’re talking about a very powerful source of user-generated brand data. We are not reading a writer who is paid to write something about the brand. but this is the direct testimony of someone who is not part of the creative team, and who is using what we sell. Therefore, we are aiming for content generated by an impartial person, and that has a lot of weight and value. Our users or consumers may be talking about our brands on the networks or in some web space all the time. generating content at an impressive speed and thus forming a huge bank of data and information.

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Which cannot exist without one another

And, are all the contents of value? Well, notice that no, and that’s where we have to do a little content curation. That’s why if you don’t know what Content curation CG Leads is all about, I invite you to read. What is content curation and what can it contribute to your strategy? With curation we are going to extract what gives us value. both for the brand and for consumers. For what purpose? With that of improving, growing and strengthening this brand-consumer duo. Content marketers have a gold mine in UGC. By trusting consumers and followers, brands evolve more effectively and, with this push. content creators can achieve a high level of organicity and value in their texts. Don’t hesitate, let’s welcome a new era for digital marketing.

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