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The more questions, the more answers, and the more clearly the image of a potential subscriber is drawn. Then determine what might visually interest this person within the scope of your videos. some of the corporate styles of competitors. Learning from someone else’s experience is good, but don’t blatantly plagiarize. An attempt to play dishonestly can take away part of the target audience from the channel. Only the original style of your resource can claim to form a unique image. So browse the resources of well-known YouTube bloggers to get an idea of ​​the current design trends and get inspired. And then think about what special you can add to the design of your channel. Availability The world of modern design is teeming with eye-catching styles, effects, typography, color combinations, and more.

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But it is very important in the design of the YouTube channel to determine for yourself the main vector of branding and strictly follow it. Choose no more than three different colors, two or three matching fonts, and make sure other elements look attractive. And they did not create chaos and disorder. This will ensure that your design is accessible. So users Philippines Mobile Number List will see and react to important information faster. And when scaling, the aesthetics of the images will be preserved. Of course, there are many requirements, but the good news is that you are not alone on the way to channel branding. Here are some graphical tools that will help you visualize your site in an attractive way.

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Useful services for channel branding Canva Canva Don’t want to spend time looking for high resolution pictures with the right sizes for the header and preview? Then take advantage of Canva’s huge library of ready-made layouts with auto-sizing free online maker. Here you can edit the templates and insert your image or logo into any of them. Logaster Logaster To create a unique style, select corporate colors, original icons and creative typography, use the Logaster online service. The resource has a huge database of logo templates, a user-friendly interface and a simple but functional editor. Just 10 minutes on the service – and you will become the owner of your own logo.

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