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Training and Technologies The next step for the leaders of today and tomorrow is to identify what technologies and professionals they will need to build their new reality. The main focus areas will be technologies for WEB3, Metaverse and Blockchain. Companies will need talent in: User Experience Design; 3d modeling; game design; Experienced developers on the platforms they want to work on; blockchain; Integrations between multiple partners; And finally, the ideal partners to carry out the approach to the market or Go to Market.

The next version of the physical world

We are one step away from building a new reality Indonesia Number Data even if the full potential and new technologies that will emerge are not clear. Even so, we already know some basic rules that must be applied and many of them arise from software development. Aspects such as Automation, Control and Personalization will now be present in our day to day and in the world that surrounds us. The contribution of 5G and IOT The future in the programmable world is all about experiences. Union of IOT ( Internet of Things ) devices with the data processing that 5G will allow, we will undoubtedly have a future where hyper-personalization is the new queen of the digital world. The Internet of Things is not something new, as the reader already knows.

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With the arrival of this digital universe, IOT and Digital Experience. Augmented reality When we talk about metaverse experiences, Augmented Reality is an intraplot theme. Nowadays it is already possible to see objects in your CG Leads room using your smartphone, as well as to study and interact with these virtual objects. There are some projects in the Metaverse, like Superworld and Spot Selfie , where Augmented Reality is already the protagonist. 5G and its impact on the Metaverse With the evolution of the Internet, we finally come to a historic moment: the speed of data processing in 5G. That 5G will help in many ways is nothing new.

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