Understand What Remarketing is and Its Importance for Conversions in Digital Marketing

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy that allows your google ads. Ads to appear more than once for users who have shown interest. In your site. We are sure that you have already heard about. The numerous digital marketing strategies. But there are so many that. You probably don’t remember even half of them, much less their concepts. Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll cover one of the most confusing strategies. And one that is, at the same time, extremely effective. In improving sales results. We talk about remarketing. What is this strategy.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing means, simply put, marketing to the same person again. The intention is to generate an impact more than once on someone who has already shown interest in the product. In practice, this strategy is applied through email campaigns responsible for reactivating the customers of a how to get real estate agents email addresses base, encouraging them to make a decision. Remarketing can be used in different situations. It can be an email to remind a user about the products they added (and forgot) in their shopping cart, or even a notice about a promotion on the site that may be of interest to that person in particular.

What Are the Advantages of Remarketing?

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Remarketing has the objective of increasing conversions. It does so based on a simple idea: rarely do consumers make a purchase after their first search. According to Google Adwords data, only 3% of e-commerce visitors make an immediate conversion. This number can be even smaller when we talk about complex sales, such as those that require a request for a quote. And what is the role of Remarketing in all that? He allows your consumer to CG Leads have a more intimate contact with the brand through personalized messages in their inbox. Thus, the visitor remembers your offer, continues to consider the purchase and becomes more and more convinced that it is worth closing the deal.

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