Understand the Importance of the Concept of Query for Seo Here

There is a lot of talk about this concept today, mainly among Marketing and SEO professionals. Find out why! a search for the word query. There are so many terms, methods and strategies that are now part of the daily life of people who need to search for information today, that it is a bit difficult to keep up to date. And certainly, Query is a very important concept, which you should know about! Still don’t know what it means? If you don’t know him yet, you can rest easy. In this post you will find relevant information about this term, its importance for the SEO world, as well as the main characteristics that differentiate it.

What is a Query?

A query, in english, is a term that means question. Transferring this concept to digital marketing and the internet. It can be translated as the term that the user types in a search engine. Such as google, when they want to search using keywords or keywords. It is then a series of real terms that are used when searching. For information on these portals. When we talk board member database about databases, query is a repetition of data stored. In said database, although in a generic way it can refer. To any other interaction. When we talk about search engines. A query is the term that we write in google, a query that will later lead to a serp. In short, this concept serves as a key for the search engine to offer results. Close to the request based on its algorithm.

Does That Mean That Query and Keywords Are the Same?

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The answer is no. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between them. The keyword or Keyword would be the ideal concept, the terms that, theoretically, users use to carry out certain searches on the Internet. The Query, also known as a Search query or search query, appeals to the word (in most queries) that the user ends up typing in the CG Leads search engine, in which misspellings and grammatical errors may appear. In other words, the search query is the actual application of a more theoretical concept. The use of Query has made Google, the search engine par excellence has evolved its own positioning algorithm, to the point that the need to establish an exact keyword is not as important as it was before when it comes to positioning.

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