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This type of ad will appear on the LinkIn homepage fe for all surfers (stationary, mobile and tablets). If you have a sales day or a video from a charity event, distribute it and share with the audience the way in which your company helps and contributes to others. Why and when is this type of advertising us? The reasons for this are many and each company produces its own advantages, below are some of the most prominent of them: Increasing brand exposure through clicks and views Getting leads Encouraging surfers to click -> reaching your new landing page Increasing the amount of your followers LinkIn text ads – who are you? Broadly speaking, these are the ads that will attract traffic to your LinkIn page or website.

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If you are familiar with other advertising platforms, then it is about the Ghana Phone Number List same concept: titles, description, image and. Create several different campaigns to test what works best One of the most important things to do, and this is true for any sponsor campaign, is to generate several ads and check what works best. It is very important to monitor and optimize in order to reach the correct and best ad mix. The placement of the ads – first of all, these are ads that only appear to surfers from computers. Their location is the sidebar on the right. The location is a great way to grab the attention of busy business people wandering around LinkIn.

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Why should you use these ads? You set your budget Fast and CG Leads easy to use Targeting your target audience (laser targeting with B2B filters) Choosing a payment model – payment per click or per 1000 views: cpc vs. cpm Conversion tracking InMail is sponsor Sponsor InMail – LinkIn advertising One of the advantages of LinkIn is the ability to send customiz messages, directly to the mailboxes of LinkIn users. People tend to believe more when they think and feel, which directly appeal to them personally. And these people, more reasonable and convert.

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