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Clickbait is a tactic used to generate online traffic through hype titles and impossible promises. Therefore, discover in this content how you can escape from this practice and create really valuable content for yourself. Imagine yourself in the following situation: you are browsing the Internet when suddenly, you come across a content post on social networks. The title promises to answer once and for all that cruel doubt about a matter that interests you a lot. You stop everything you are doing, after all, how are you going to ignore such content, right? Less than five minutes after opening the link, frustration set in the article didn’t answer the question and moved away from “the promise” proposed in the title. The feeling of being caught by tempting bait has a name and is called clickbait.

What is Clickbait

Click baits are defined as apparently tempting content that promises. To answer questions and/or address certain issues, but in reality. Will not comply with what was agreed and will not respond. At all or very little of what was initially proposed. Generally the promise is found in. The indian mobile number elements that will be seen at first. In the case of videos. On youtube, for example, the clickbait is found in the title and in. The featured image of the video, and can also be found in the brief description of the content. In blog posts, clickbaits are usually found in the headline, in social. Media post callouts, and in the content highlight line. Where applicable, below the headline.To understand even better what this strategy. Is about, we can simply translate the expression that comes from english.

Examples of Clickbaits to Avoid Being Hooked

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Now that you know what click baits are, it’s time to understand how they work in practice. Therefore, we propose two different examples of types of “hooks” so that, in addition to not falling, you understand why they are not good at all. Before talking about them in detail, it is important to understand some techniques frequently used by producers of this type of content: frequent CG Leads and constant use of exclamation points; expressions like “you won’t believe it”; creating a sense of urgency in the title as if you can’t go another second without finding out what it’s about; use of images that arouse curiosity, but do not say much.

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