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What did the surfers do after arriving at your site Where they tap on the site How long do they stay on the site. It is very important to note that AdWords and Analytics conversions are different so there will be differences in the various reports. Don’t get confuse and think that the report doesn’t work! These differences are mainly due to what is calle attribution. Analytics uses what is calle “last click” while AdWords uses “first click”. Confuse. We will try to explain with a small example: Let’s say a surfer clicked on an ad and then decided to return to Google and clicke on the site organically.

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Analytics will categorize this surfer for organic Mexico Phone Number List results while AdWords will categorize this click for a campaign. Bottom line both Analytics and AdWords are right so it’s very important to know this is happening and to understand the conversion differences between the reports. Towards the end going over the performance of social networks and trends Also in regards to social networks Analytics knows how to provide reports which will help you track and analyze the traffic and behavior of the users on the website and as a result optimize your marketing efforts on social networks. After you listene to us and you already know that analytics can help you analyze everything that happens on your website you can also understand how surfers behave on your website and you can also focus on trends and statistics per specific channel Twitter Facebook etc.

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Since you are already an expert we assume that you know that traffic CG Leads coming from all social networks tends to be converte with a delay so Google thought of this as well and allows you to track immediate or delaye conversions. We strongly recommend that you refer to these two types of surfers and the purchases they make and for the sake of the confession that you did understand the two types here is a short illustration: Let’s say a surfer comes from Facebook and immediately makes a purchase on the website then it will be marke as: Last Interaction Social Conversion but a surfer can come from Facebook but leave the website and return to it Later and only then purchase. This surfer will be marke as: Assiste Social Conversion.

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