The Old Domain Has Not Bad Traffic At All

Correct transition guide between domains. Your goals in switching domains pretty much boil down to a smooth and correct transition that won’t harm you, your surfers or your website. Below is a set of actions that must be followed. The traffic to the old domain can exist for a number of reasons such as: certain surfers placed the site in the list of favorites in the browser, certain surfers set the site as the home page, in the emails you sent a link to the site appears under the old domain, throughout the network there are textual references in which the address of the old domain appears and other possible reasons Redirect the surfers to the old website.

The Search Console Will Run

If you delete the site, you may lose a potential audience. so what are Cameroon Phone Number List we doing? In the first step, avoid completely bypassing the old site and simply incorporate prominent banners in it that invite the surfers to visit the new site that appears under a new domain (of course it is important to combine a link to the site with the new domain. At the same time, perform tests every few days for the number of hits to the website that appears under the old domain, and after one or another period of time during which the number of hits to the old domain will decrease, you can delete it completely.

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The Tests For The Sitemap

Remember – every change is also an opportunity. It doesn’t CG Leads matter what the reason is for you to decide to move to a new domain, the move to it creates a great opportunity for you to increase traffic to the website under the new domain, through an active Internet campaign on all the digital assets available to you (the old and new website, the business Facebook page, the Instagram page, the YouTube channel etc.

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