Trademarks and Cancellation Culture

Today more than ever giving an opinion or carrying out an action implies. A responsibility of such magnitude that it can completely affect our lives. Many artists have seen their careers take off thanks to their “mistakes”, many have sunk and have been cancel by their fans . You don’t have to be a fan of social networks to be able to find the controversies that are all the rage among users. And even more so if it’s about the opinions or actions of celebrities that are morally questionable. Even more so in these times where social responsibility has become a requirement. Especially for those who are easy targets for paparazzi or fans. Whether for issues oriented to feminism. Care for the environment or any important movement. Being “canceled” by users is a type of war with which you have everything to lose or win if you know how to play your cards well.

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There is research that affirms that the contents that cause an intense response, be it negative or positive, easily go viral. But what does it mean to be canceled? I bring Armenia Phone Number List you the following article where i will explain. What cancellation culture is and the best examples to understand it. What is cancel culture? It could be said that this phenomenon originate in 2015 but that it has gained strength since 2018. And it basically consists of “boycotting” a person, mainly a celebrity, withdrawing full support, whether financially, morally, digitally. And social, by reason of having carried out some questionable action or having given an opinion that in the eyes of many is unpopular.

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The scope of social networks makes it possible to massify actions. Agree on a plan to exclude a person or a media outlet. Stop buying products from a brand CG Leads or artist, not watching series and movies where an actor perform. Are examples of how we can “cancel” someone. Without a doubt, twitter has been the most used. Social network to carry out this type of campaign, however, facebook has served as a platform for this type of social protest. This movement emerged as a way to look at situations that require social justice. Where the union of the voices of the crowd allows political actions to be taken towards brands or public figures.

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