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Results are achieved faster than in content marketing, SEO, SMM and other areas. The customer pays not only for the provision of the service itself – setting up and running campaigns, but also for paid traffic. That is, replenishes the advertising account so that ads are shown. Therefore, it is very important to properly set up advertising. Otherwise, the money will be spent, and the effect will be insufficient. Also, one should not forget about security: the customer gives access to analytics systems and must be sure that the data will not “leak” anywhere. Hence the conclusion: when choosing a contractor – an agency or a specialist – the customer must be sure of his reliability and competence.

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A useful article on the topic – “What is contextual advertising: types, examples and features” . Ringostat will help increase the effectiveness of advertising 20+ reports that will help you evaluate the return on advertising. Analyze how campaigns are performing and redistribute the budget in favor of the most successful ones. Understanding how to optimize Korea Phone Numbers List ads. Reports will show which sources, channels, campaigns and keywords are working. Audio recordings of calls will help to understand what information buyers are missing in ads. Automatic calculation of advertising payback. End-to-end analytics will show income from launched activities and calculate ROI for them. Simple and fast bid management.

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Analyze current rates, find out their recommended size and apply directly in Ringostat. Learn more Brief for contextual advertising: what is it A brief is a working document that consists of a list of questions about a project. There are two common scenarios for working with a brief. The brief is drawn up after the initial discussions, preparation and study of the commercial offer. That is, the customer has already chosen a contractor , is confident in him, has decided on the budget – it remains to answer detailed questions and you can start. The customer has not decided on the contractor . He fills out the brief himself and sends it to potential performers. They look and decide whether to work with the client or not.

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