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As a result, the family gathers strength and changes the interior, of course, with the help of IKEA products. 12 Starbucks Holiday Special A well-known chain of coffee houses for Christmas releases a separate series of red festive cups. Experiments also begin on the design of the drinks themselves – their top should resemble a Christmas tree: Starbucks, new year creative The company also always offers to share photos with festive drinks and special hashtags on social networks. If you tag a friend or loved one in this photo, they can win a Starbucks gift card. For the brand, this is awareness raising, and for people, this is a great opportunity to make a good gift.

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After all, almost everyone loves coffee, and even more so for free. 13. Amazon: The show must go on Amazon’s New Year’s video is an example of how strong advertising looks when a big brand promotes itself as modestly as possible. Instead of trying to sell dozens of products from the very first frames of the video. The heroine of the video is a ballerina who Czech Republic Mobile Number List had been preparing for the New Year’s show for a long time and was happy that she was chosen as a performer. But the pandemic came and the show was cancelled. Fortunately, the heroine’s younger sister comes to the rescue – she arranges an event near their apartment building. And all the residents are happy to watch the dance of the ballerina. And advertises Amazon in this video is just a lantern.

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Such a small detail, but it is with the help of it that the residents of the houses can watch the ballerina’s show. 14. Tide: Solves the problems that come with the holidays Tide helps make sure that Christmas stays truly “white” – as the famous song goes. After all, during the holidays, your clothes and tablecloths are constantly at risk. Tide emphasizes in its creative that no stains are scary with it: Tide, Christmas advertisement 15. Disney: From our family to yours The Disney animated video highlights the continuity of generations. And at the same time, the media giant and its popular symbols have been on the market for a long time.

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