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Estimate, whether there will be enough money before the end of the month. There are also individual fields in the template. Among them is the ratio of impressions and clicks. Google Ads gives information that our ads out of 100% were shown for some keyword 24.6% of times. And the percentage of clicks shows that of all our ad impressions, X% of our ads were clicked on. Fixed in the dashboard and the average CTR of the campaign. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. We take CPC from Google Ads upload. It also shows CR, number and cost of conversions.

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Let me draw your attention to one more thing. For example, in some campaign, 18 conversions were noted, 710 hryvnias were spent on this. CR is 4.64%. By the name of the campaign, we look in CRM how many conversions were in fact. That is, how Cameroon Mobile Number List many people called, filled out the form, wrote to the chat, and so on. We notice that five conversions are not enough. We need to find the reason why they disappeared. It may turn out that these people are already existing customers. And they wanted, for example, to contact technical support. how to deal with the number of conversions After that, we study the funnel. It turns out that for 18 conversions that were recorded, the sales department prepared only one commercial offer.

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So you can understand that data from Google and reality are different. MQL cost us 983 hryvnias, SQL cost already 1598 hryvnias. In this way, we will come to the price of the client who bought something. And we will see how the data “turns over” if we count them relative to the category of leads. The indicators on the basis of which the calculations are made are in the same dashboard. We see that during the month there are three SQLs from advertising campaigns. UAH 11,000 spent. The formula automatically calculates how much SQL cost from this data. calculations to find out the actual cost of attracting The MQL and SQL conversion relative to clicks is calculated in a similar way.

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