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Tide solves the problems that come with the holidays “Disney: From Our Family to Yours” Zara: Helps to choose gifts KitKat: even Santa needs a break Air Canada: the journey home Greenpeace: with the future in mind Durex: Santa has gifts for the “naughty” 1. Google: Santa Tracker Google is famous for its creative approach to celebrating significant dates. From theme screensavers to the birthdays of famous people – to doodles and mini-games timed to coincide with the start of the Olympics. And New Year’s holidays were no exception. Google has launched Santa Tracker , a mini-site for family entertainment. Google: Santa Tracker Creative Ad Campaign On the site you can: play educational games.

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Learn the basics of programming; pass the quiz; read stories; learn the holiday traditions of the peoples of the world and the latest news about Santa Claus; draw. There’s even a guide to what can be found in the “Santa Village” the site depicts. The site can also connect to Google Home. If you ask “Where is Santa?”, the site will show where the magical Chile Mobile Number List old man is traveling right now. Actually, that is why the project is called a “tracker”. Such a gift from Google for parents – so that they can at least take a break while the children are on vacation. 2. Apple: Makes life easier on vacation In its Christmas campaign, Apple did a great job with two of the most important marketing tasks.

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First, clearly showed the “pains” of users during the holidays and offered their solution. And secondly, he showed a very vital and familiar story – in which almost everyone recognizes himself and his loved ones. The video shows how the family goes to the other end of the country to visit relatives. Long gatherings, noisy quarrels of little sisters, a tiring flight. Apple shows that all this is much easier to survive if you give the children a gadget in time. And on it the whole family looks at collages from old pictures and videos, which depicts a grandmother who is no longer there – and the inscription above the common family photo reads.

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