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Volkswagen, New Year’s advertising Secondly, you can also target an audience with a lower check. For example, you can advertise winter tires or spare parts that may come in handy in bad weather. Land Rover has gone down this path – the ad suggests making sure your car is equip for driving in the snow: Land Rover, New Year’s advertising 10. Microsoft: brings joy Microsoft has repeatedly launch original holiday campaigns, in which advertisements for their products are masterfully sewn. For example, the video for 2020 starts off sadly. None of the owners pays attention to the dog: someone plays Xbox, and someone participates in an online call.

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Desperate, the pet takes his dog friend from a neighbor’s house and goes on an exciting journey through the possibilities of Microsoft. Friends fly a plane in the game, participate in calls, ride on that same green lawn on the Windows splash screen. But it turns out Cyprus Mobile Number List that the dog dreame it all. And the video for 2018 shows the friendship and solidarity of the company of children who play the console during the New Year holidays. The main idea of ​​the video: “When everyone plays, everyone wins”: 11. IKEA: humor and start of sales long before the holiday Home and interior products are literally create to be actively promote for the New Year and Christmas.

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But IKEA is “preparing sleds in the summer,” so one of their campaigns started as early as October 19th. Such an early start is creatively played up on creatives – the tree has not yet grown, but there is already an IKEA decoration on it: IKEA, New Year’s advertising IKEA often uses humor in video ads. A vivid example is the New Year’s video, which urges the British not to be ashamed of their home. And feel free to invite friends to celebrate together. In advertising, interior toys come to life and indicate to the owners that the house looks too terrible to invite someone to visit. And they do it in the format of a rapper song – so the video is very dynamic.

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