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We have 343 clicks, and MQL – 10. It turns out that the conversion is 3%. Summary: 6 steps to create a dashboard We are preparing a script that can upload data that is in CRM to Google Sheets. We make a sheet on which we will filter the data from the unloading. We qualify leads depending on the stage at which the transaction is locate. Do not forget that there are deals that are lost for reasons on the side of the buyer. And the leads were quite high quality. Making a dashboard with visualization. Data on leads and funnels in it will be pull up by years and months. We create a sheet with data on campaigns. Here we will evaluate what has change in advertising lately. We will look not only at the number of conversions, but also at the quality of leads receive from advertising.

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We combine data from CRM with information from Google Ads. This will give an understanding of how much is spent on leads and buyers. Such an algorithm allows you to understand whether there is an effect from the advertisement that Cayman Islands Mobile Number List you launch. If you have a lot of campaigns, you can work with keywords instead of campaigns. It may seem that the arsenal of ideas for New Year’s advertising is very limit. A banal Santa, who gives discounts, now you will not attract anyone. But many brands successfully find creative approaches for Christmas and New Year advertising. Alina Ostapenko, marketer of the Ringostat platform , offers to be inspire by their ideas.

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She collected dozens of examples of original campaigns from Apple, Microsoft, Airbnb and other popular brands. Reading time 18 minutes You can immediately jump to the desired section: Google: Santa Tracker Apple: makes life easier while on vacation Next: a separate page for the New Year’s offer Coca-Cola: give what only you can LEGO: a new initiative for parents McDonald’s: The Not-So-Secret Santa Budweiser: For Responsible Behavior During the Holidays Airbnb: Emphasizes the value of holidays, but without the usual paraphernalia Land Rover and Volkswagen: New Year’s advertising for auto topics Microsoft: brings joy IKEA: humor and start of sales long before the holiday Starbucks Holiday Special Amazon: the show must go on.

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